Weight loss does not have to look the same for everyone. Often, the issues that contribute to a person’s struggle to lose weight are key factors when determining the right approach. If you find yourself struggling to lose weight and want effective, long-term, and healthy results, you can trust our expert medical staff to identify the solution that best matches your specific objectives and needs.

We provide highly-customized weight loss programs, from weight loss counseling therapies to medical-grade nutritional supplementation. Swift Health’s weight loss programs have aided thousands of patients in losing weight and keeping it off, whether they simply aimed to drop a few pounds or undergo significant weight loss.

The desire to lose weight is extremely common, as is the struggle to succeed in weight loss endeavors. At Swift Health, our medical professionals seek to guide patients through their weight loss journeys with emphasis on the individual person and their unique health needs. Our doctors understand that weight loss does not always take a one-size-fits-all approach, and as such, we will strive to provide you with the help you need while treating you with dignity and respect throughout the entire process.

If you’ve tried and failed to lose weight by standard diet and activity adjustments, out medical professionals will assess your complete health profile and identify whether any existing medical conditions are impeding your progress. In cases where a patient is struggling to lose weight due to thyroid disease, insulin resistance, or other weight-impacting health issues, treatments can be catered to suit specific needs.

Contact us at Swift Health Urgent Care to schedule an appointment with one of our weight loss experts.

I was in and out with my toddler. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Much better than going to the emergency room

Oh my goodness! The staff here were amazing and accommodated us for an unexpected walk up test we needed. Such great service at the end of a long day. Thank you!

Our primary doctor's office closed early today so we decided to go to this urgent care. The staff was very professional and personal with us. My son asked if we could change our provider to this location (which means he was comfortable here) but I was informed by the staff member that they have a provider in Morrow. We will be using their doctor soon as our primary provider. The doctor was great with explaining the issue and electronically sending the prescription to our pharmacy of choice. I will be back if I ever need an urgent care facility.