Treatment For Motion Sickness

 Motion sickness occurs when the body is trying to catch up with the motion the eye is taking in. The inner ear, eyes, and other areas of the body that detect motion may sometimes send conflicting messages to the brain causing an uneasy or nauseous feeling.


  • General malaise, nausea or vomiting
  • Headache and profuse sweating

Who is at risk?

Children 5-12 and the elderly suffer most. Women are more susceptible than men. Anyone subject to a rapid change in motion is at risk for motion sickness.


Symptoms are hard to stop once they start and will usually subside over time once the motion factor is removed or mitigated (taking a central cabin on a ship, sitting over the wing on an airplane, moving from passenger to driver’s seat in a car, etc.). Physicians might treat recurring motion sickness with over the counter or prescription medications, depending on the severity of symptoms. Antihistamines are used to clear up blocked ear canals in adults, but a physician should be consulted before an antihistamine is administered for motion sickness in children.

Emergency Warning Signs: When should I see a doctor?

If symptoms become progressively worse, see a physician who can diagnose the source of the problem and refer you to a proper inner ear specialist.

Treatment for Motion Sickness is available now at South Atlanta Urgent Care Clinic in Atlanta.

For more information on Motion Sickness, see the following websites:

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