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Pulmonary Function Testing (Lung Test)

A pulmonary function test is conducted to assess the ability of your lungs to take in and expel air and move oxygen from the air into the circulatory system.

Test Procedure

  • Your nose will typically be clipped shut
  • You will be asked to blow forcefully into a small paper or plastic tube
  • An operator will coach you while you perform the tests

What is being assessed with the test?

The most common reason to conduct pulmonary function testing is to evaluate a patient for asthma, chronic bronchitis or emphysema. The tests may also be used in occupational environments to assess for lung damage after contact with hazardous materials.

What if my test is abnormal?

You probably received the test because you were experiencing some kind of difficulty breathing. Your physician will use the information gathered from the testing to guide medication use or to evaluate a current medications effect on your condition.

Pulmonary Function Testing is available now at South Atlanta Urgent Care in Atlanta.

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